Over the last few decades, medicine has advanced significantly, and the life expectancy of Americans has risen. As more and more Americans live longer lives, children of these older Americans find themselves serving as caregivers to their parents. Often, the medical demands of the parents are so pressing that, despite their best efforts to care for their parents, children are forced to turn over the care of their parents to licensed professionals in nursing homes and assisted living facilities.

When placing a loved one in the care of an assisted living facility, you expect them to be cared for with the compassion and respect they deserve. Unfortunately, cases of elderly Americans abused or neglected in nursing homes are on the rise.

If you suspect that a nursing home has not provided the care that your resident needs, or even worse, is abusing or neglecting a resident, you can report these problems to government authorities. In many cases, a nursing home abuse or neglect lawsuit may be filed to protect a resident’s rights or to obtain damages for physical and mental pain to the resident.

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