The death of a loved one is not something anyone wishes to contemplate. Particularly, if the cause of death stems from another’s wrongdoing – such as recklessness, negligence or even willful misconduct.

At Ward Black Law, we understand the profound impact an unforeseen, unjust loss can have on surviving family. We also understand that pursuing a wrongful death claim is often the last thing family members are concerned with in the aftermath of such tragedy.

That’s why the experienced wrongful death attorneys at Ward Black Law in Greensboro, N.C., work tirelessly to ensure that our clients and families are able to spend more time coping with the emotional trauma and grief surrounding such events, and less time worrying about complicated, often frustrating legal work.

Wrongful Death Claims in North Carolina

“When the death of a person is caused by a wrongful act, neglect or default of another, such as would, if the injured person had lived, have entitled the injured person to an action for damages therefore, the person or corporation that would have been so liable, and or her the personal representatives or collectors of the person or corporation that would have been so liable, shall be liable to an action for damages, to be brought by the personal representative or collector of the decedent; and this notwithstanding the death, and although the wrongful act, neglect or default, causing the death, amounts in law to a felony.”  (excerpt from N.C. Statute 28A-18-2)

North Carolina’s wrongful death statute is intended to provide the legal beneficiaries of a deceased person with the means to avoid the often-devastating financial consequences resulting from the loss of a loved one.

A legal representative or attorney of the deceased person’s estate must be the one to file a wrongful death claim against the party held responsible for causing the victim’s death. Under North Carolina law, such a claim must generally be filed within two years of the deceased person’s death.

Settlements in Wrongful Death Cases

Settlements in a wrongful death case may include compensation for:

  • Medical care, treatment and/or hospitalization prior to death
  • Pain or suffering experienced prior to death
  • Funeral expenses
  • Loss of income, services, assistance, protection, care, companionship, guidance, comfort and society from the deceased person
  • Punitive and nominal damages (in certain cases)

Any settlement or jury award in a wrongful death lawsuit is distributed to the heirs of the deceased individual, in accordance with the Intestate Succession Act. Any monetary settlement is not considered an asset of the deceased person’s estate and is not subject to creditors’ claims. However, some awarded funds may be allocated for funeral costs and medical expenses. For more information on wrongful death lawsuits in North Carolina, visit the N.C. General Assembly website.

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