At Ward Black Law, our local and international outreach efforts grow out of our own personal commitments and convictions. In a sense, a survey of the volunteer work we do outside of the office is a simple way to see what you will find when you visit us in the office.

Outreach is Equality.

Janet Ward Black, principal owner of Ward Black Law, is personally invested in many of our outreach efforts, but she has a particular passion for providing legal services to those at or below the poverty line. Her work with other North Carolina attorneys has brought much-needed legal aid to tens of thousands of North Carolinians through the 4ALL campaign. Janet Ward initiated this statewide campaign, and served as its President in 2008.

Outreach is Devotion.

As a Christian-owned law firm, Ward Black Law is a long-time partner of International Cooperating Ministries (ICM), a Christian non-profit organization dedicated to building churches and orphanages in third world countries. Our staff has traveled to China, India, Vietnam and Africa to help ICM’s church building efforts. Each year, Ward Black Law staff also travel with family, friends and volunteers to aid Habitat for Humanity International’s efforts to build affordable housing for the most impoverished and at-risk families living outside of the United States.

Not only does Ward Black Law care about the community, it cares about its children. Through our involvement with the Out of the Garden Project and Toys for Tots, we impact the lives of children living in poverty in our area.

Outreach is Impact.

Attorneys have an enormous impact on individuals, communities and countries. Ward Black Law is grateful to serve alongside so many friends and neighbors as we work to seek justice, care for those in need and work for the good of our city and many people we may never meet. If you would like to learn more about how you can partner with Ward Black Law and its local and international outreach efforts, contact Ward Black Law today at (336) 333-2244 or toll-free: 800-531-9191. For more information on Ward Black Law’s local and international outreach efforts, you may also browse the links at the left and side of your screen.