Injured on the job?

A requirement under law, North Carolina workers’ compensation provides medical and disability coverage and assistance for individuals with work-related injuries, impairment and occupational diseases, such as asbestosis and hearing loss. Workers’ compensation offers prompt recompense for medical expenses and lost wages to workers that have been injured or impaired.

If the worker can produce sufficient evidence that the injury or disease was a direct result of the workplace, the worker has a right to receive compensation for significant wage loss and required medical treatment.


What are my rights in North Carolina?

Workers that have been injured while completing a task or an assignment at their places of employment may be entitled to workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation can also cover an illness or occupational disease contracted while performing duties at the workplace.

If injured while working, the worker must inform the employer as soon as possible. After notifying the employer, the worker should immediately submit a claim (Form 18) with the North Carolina Industrial Commission.

Who can receive coverage?

Under North Carolina law, injured workers can receive disability benefits and compensation for medical bills. The employer and their insurance company are legally obligated to provide compensation for missed work and necessary treatment for long-term injuries.

The NC Workers’ Compensation Act covers all employees in North Carolina, as long as the employer employs three or more workers. Full-time, part-time and temporary employees are covered under workers’ compensation. When filing a claim, North Carolina workers are not obligated to present proof of fault by the employer, but proof must be shown that the accident occurred at the workplace.

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