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At Ward Black Law, we understand that divorce issues concerning children, including child support, are often highly sensitive, emotionally draining and antagonistic. That’s why we’re here to help. Our child support attorneys in Greensboro, N.C., offer compassionate and experienced counsel, sharing possible scenarios of child support based on your particular situation.

We offer an initial consultation in which we will review your circumstances and provide you with guidance to help you calculate the child support payments you may be entitled to. Ultimately, we offer you peace of mind.

Because issues surrounding child support can be complex and confusing, we’re committed to protecting your rights and arming you with the knowledge you need: Read our brief guide below for the answers to your most important questions.

How is child support determined?

The non-custodial parent, or the parent with secondary custody (visitation rights), is often but not always the parent with a child support obligation. In North Carolina, child support is determined by the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines, a set of statutory principles, which apply in all legal proceedings involving the child support owed, unless the court determines the guidelines are not appropriate.

Simply, child support should cover the costs of the reasonable needs of the child with regard to both parents’ ability to provide support. The guidelines are based on an established formula, which uses work-related child care costs, medical insurance premiums, and other extraordinary expenses, such as travel. The worksheets take into consideration the combined gross incomes of both parents as well as the custody schedule. Final payment amounts are determined when both parties provide accurate and up to date financial documents.

The court will typically order a child support payment based on these guidelines unless the parents agree to a different amount or there are special circumstances.

Can a child support order be modified?

Yes. Child support orders can be challenged by either party, and the court may revise the support payments as it deems reasonable and fair. Orders may only be modified:

  • After three years (Child support arrangements are subject to review every three years.)
  • If there has been a significant and material change in the parents’ circumstances which impacts the child (e.g. the income of either parent increases or decreases by 15% or custody changes.)

If there has been a substantial change in the parents’ circumstances which impacts the child (e.g. increases or decreases in income impacting the worksheet calculations or custody changes.) consult the Ward Black Law child support attorneys in Greensboro N.C. A court may modify the order effective from the date you filed. That could mean the difference of paying or being paid.

If child support is established as part of a separation agreement rather than ordered by the court, the agreement outlines how child support may be modified. The parties should review their agreement thoroughly and consult an attorney before taking any action counter to what is outlined in the Separation Agreement.

How should I pay my child support?

You should not make child support payments in cash. Instead, use a check, money order or some other method which provides documented proof of payment. This ensures that you will never have to make the same payment twice.

Contact a Child Support Attorney in Greensboro, N.C.

If you’re facing separation, dealing with child support issues or seeking to modify a child support arrangement, contact Ward Black Law today. Our child support attorneys in Greensboro, N.C. will answer your questions, help you fill out complicated or tedious paperwork and protect your rights. We bring her years of experience to bear on your case and counsel you with skill, practicality and compassion. You can reach us by phone: 336-333-2244, or toll-free: 1-877-256-1214. You may also reach Ward Black Law by email or online inquiry.

For directions to Ward Black Law, visit our Contact Us page.

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