Understanding all of your options and finding clear, helpful resources can be both overwhelming and frustrating to those seeking truthful answers to legal questions. The attorneys and staff at Ward Black Law, a Triad, N.C., law firm, have dedicated their lives to understanding and sharing this information with their clients. Decades of experience and hard-won knowledge help them to help you successfully determine and weigh your legal options with confidence and peace of mind.

You may have suffered some kind of personal injury, been in an automobile accident, been denied your social security disability benefits, harmed by some defective product or medical device, had your case mishandled by another lawyer, or any number of other scenarios.


After successfully resolving thousands of cases for North Carolinians over the years, we know that every single person’s story is unique, even if many of the details look the same on the surface. That is part of why we help people who come to us with problems first, and deal with the details of litigation next, not the other way around.

If you are here, chances are, you, or someone you are close to, is hurting: physically, emotionally, financially or in some other very personal ways. Things might be extremely confusing or scary for you or your loved ones right now. We understand that, and want to help.

Maybe you just want some basic information right now to help you get a sense of what you are really dealing with. Or maybe you want some specific legal resources to help you take the next step in finding someone you can trust to talk with about your story and all its details. Whether you are looking for some easy access to dependable information online, or you are looking for a Triad, N.C., law firm you can trust to walk you through the many options available: you have found a good place to start.

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