Premises liability involves the responsibility of property owners to maintain safe conditions for people coming on or about the property. Each year, thousands of people are injured when they slip, trip or fall on the property of another such as garages, supermarkets, apartment complexes, etc. If you have fallen and been injured, you may be entitled to recover damages for your injury. If the defect that caused your fall was known by the owner or person responsible for maintaining the property, you may have a case.

Property owners are legally bound to provide a reasonably safe condition of property or, at minimum, warnings that the conditions of which they are aware may be unsafe. Negligent property owners must pay the victim damages that may include medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of current and potential wages, and other damages. The owners of shopping centers, department stores, grocery stores, service stations, city sidewalks, apartment complexes, homes and other properties must meet these requirements.

At Ward Black Law, our premises liability lawyers take on cases in which property owners are considered liable to those injured on their property. Regardless of how or why a person enters a property, owners have a responsibility to maintain their property and to warn people who enter the premises of any unsafe conditions. Premises liability covers a comprehensive range of suits for injuries caused by a property owner’s failure to warn, maintain and correct situations on public and private premises.

The most common premises liability cases involve individuals who slip, trip or fall because of a defect or hazard on another person’s property. At Ward Black Law, our premises liability lawyers handle cases involving:

  • Slippery sidewalks
  • Potholes
  • Oil or grease on floor of garage or ramp
  • Tree roots
  • Balcony and stairway collapse
  • Poor lighting
  • Water on the floor
  • Food or spilled milk on supermarket floors
  • Blocked aisles
  • Loose carpet
  • Cords, string or wires on the ground
  • Broken or cracked sidewalks
  • Falls on escalators and elevators
  • Unprovoked dog bites and attacks
  • “Failure to warn” notification of a property’s hazardous or unsafe condition

If you have been injured because of a condition of someone’s property, it is important to document the condition in a way that will show the physical characteristics of the height, width, depth, nature of the substance, etc. before someone goes out and repairs the condition.

Many times the owner of the property, learning of an injury, will go out and conduct a repair. They do this for two reasons: to eliminate evidence, and to make sure no one else gets injured.

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