Oxford, N.C., residents who experienced side effects from recent hip replacement surgery may be entitled to compensation, depending on the type of implant received. Since 2010, the hip implant manufacturing industry has recalled several types of metal-on-metal hip replacement systems, including Stryker ABG II, DePuy ASR or Wright Medical PROFEMUR. Patients should watch for inflammation of the tissues surrounding the replaced joint and for symptoms of metal poisoning – known as metallosis – from shards of metals released into the bloodstream as a result of joint friction. Symptoms may include:

  • eyesight changes
  • hearing changes
  • immobility
  • joint stiffness
  • headaches
  • vertigo
  • tinnitus

If you’ve experienced pain due to a faulty hip implant, please contact your orthopedic surgeon or another trusted physician to discuss your treatment options.

Orthopedic Doctors Near Oxford, NC

Oxford, N.C., is situated in the northern portion of the state, and is within a short drive of Durham, Raleigh, Wake Forest and Henderson, N.C. Its rural surroundings but close proximity to these cities and towns make it an attractive option for residents looking for the best of both city and country life.

Because of its location, Oxford is close to all of the major health care options in Durham and Raleigh, N.C., and boasts local offices of several major health care systems as well.

To determine the type of implant used, the treatment options available and whether or not revision surgery will be necessary, we encourage Oxford, N.C., residents to contact the surgeon who conducted the replacement. We’ve listed several prominent orthopedic practices and medical centers in and around Oxford below:

Attorneys Serving Oxford, NC

Hip replacement manufacturers have found themselves under FDA scrutiny in recent years as a result of defective products that have caused pain and suffering in thousands of patients. The rash of defective product claims even prompted the FDA to tighten its regulations on hip implant device manufacturing.

The complaints came about as modular metal-on-metal hip systems slowly began to replace the more traditional ceramic/plastic hip products. Surgeons noticed an increase in patient complaints for pain, tissue inflammation and other serious side effects, often resulting in the need for costly and painful revision surgery. In 2010, Johnson & Johnson’s DePuy division, issued the largest industry recall when it withdrew the DePuy ASR from the market.

Recalls by Stryker, DePuy and Wright Medical may entitle patients to full or partial compensation, both for the cost of extra medical bills incurred by the defective implant as well as the emotional distress of the ordeal and any lost work wages.

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