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The ASR XL Acetabular Hip Replacement and ASR Hip Resurfacing System, the prosthetic hips that have sparked aggressive litigation against DePuy Orthopaedics, have reportedly caused grave side effects in thousands of people. According to DePuy’s own internal estimates, roughly 40% of the 93,000 implant recipients will suffer implant failure, resulting in painful and expensive revision surgery within the next few years.

DePuy ASR Hip Side Effects

The DePuy ASR® hip implant is a metal-on-metal device consisting of a cup that’s implanted into the hip with a ball joint that connects to the leg. According to studies, metal-on-metal hip implants at one time comprised about one-third of all hip replacements performed in the United States every year.

The DePuy ASR® hip implants were meant to be a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of orthopedics. The all-metal devices, designed for increased durability and longevity, were believed to be stronger and far superior to their plastic and ceramic counterparts. But, due to their FDA 510(k) fast-track approval, the devices were not required to undergo premarket clinical testing and were plagued with problems at the outset.

Many believe the heart of the ASR’s troubles lies in its shallow cup design. But problems also arise when the moving parts of the DePuy ASR® hip rub against each other, wearing down their surfaces and shedding fine metal particles into the patient’s body and bloodstream, potentially causing a host of health issues, such as infection, inflammation, bone loss and tissue death. DePuy hip replacement problems are numerous and serious, and can include the following:


Metallosis, or metal poisoning, occurs when cobalt and chromium debris from the implant is released into the body and bloodstream, putting patients at risk for inflammation due to an immune response, sensitivity to metal, bone staining, bone loss, tissue necrosis (death) and the formation of pseudo-tumors. Cobalt poisoning, if left untreated, can cause tinnitus (ringing in the ears), vertigo, deafness, optic nerve atrophy, convulsions, headaches, peripheral neuropathy, cardiomyopathy and hypothyroidism. The high levels of metal ions in the blood may even lead to cancer.


Infection, characterized by fatigue, fever, loss of appetite or weight, chills, aches and pains, occurs at the implantation site in roughly 1% of hip implant complications and may present immediately or even months or years later. Patients are at an even greater risk of infection after revision surgery.

Nerve and Muscle Damage

The shed metal particles from the device may also severely damage fragile nerves, muscle and soft tissue surrounding the hip joint. This can result in reduced mobility, difficulty walking or sitting, or loss of feeling in that area.

Loosening of the Implant

Bone dissolution or destruction (osteolysis) can occur when the body attempts to rid itself of the metal fragments from the erosion of the implant, triggering an autoimmune reaction which incites the resorption of living bone tissue. Bone loss is a progressive condition and may lead to loosening of the implant, which can cause painful bone fracture. Many patients have reported a loosening of their device within just 2 years of implantation.

Dislocation of the Implant

One of the most severe DePuy ASR® hip problems, implant dislocation occurs when the device’s ball component, cleaved to the patient’s thigh, is dislodged from the cup attached to the pelvic bone. This misalignment results in severe pain and may require emergency medical care.

Revision Surgery

DePuy hip replacement problems often require revision surgery, second or third repeat surgeries to replace faulty implants. Revision surgeries are costly, painful and pose greater risk of infection and further side effects in patients.

Implant patients have also experienced intense and chronic pain in the implant, radiating into the groin and back, swelling around the joint, and difficulty walking that persists long after surgery.

DePuy ASR Hip Lawsuit in NC

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