We at Ward Black Law seek to hold businesses accountable for the things they do wrong. Holding businesses accountable for their actions makes them take safety more seriously. Our clients are often like David facing Goliath – an average citizen facing a multi-million dollar insurance company or a Fortune 500 business. We at WBL help level the playing field.

WBL attorneys represent workers who were exposed to asbestos on the job. Many companies exposed their workers to the hazards of cancer-causing asbestos – years after company executives knew about the dangers of asbestos. Claims filed by workers against the asbestos companies eventually forced those businesses to remove the deadly mineral from their products.

Attorney Janet Ward Black also advocates for people who have been seriously injured by unsafe drugs and medical devices. Her advocacy, and that of lawyers like her, is instrumental in getting these products to be removed from the market. Attorney Black has clients who suffered permanent heart damage after taking the diet drug Fen Phen and strokes and heart attacks after taking the anti-inflammatory drug Vioxx. Those clients come to Janet Ward Black for help, and they get it.

As Medicare and Medicaid guidelines change, some nursing homes put the bottom line ahead of patient care. Poor staffing often means there are not enough hands to help the residents who live in nursing homes. But when bad things happen to nursing home residents, WBL attorneys represents the families of the injured. Our negotiations and settlements turn the attention away from profits and back on the care of the patient whose family trusted the nursing home’s care.

In addition to the specific efforts made on behalf of the individual clients at Ward Black Law, the attorneys work at the state and federal level to make sure the voices of their clients are heard by government officials. Clients are kept in-the-know about proposed laws that threaten their rights. For more than 20 years, Ward Black Law attorneys have worked in the state legislature to protect the rights of consumers. We are committed to making our community a safer place – for all of us.