6 Questions About Moving Forward with Your Xarelto Case

When our firm first started accepting Xarelto cases, it was early 2014 and reports of uncontrollable bleeding were just beginning to surface. Now, two years later, thousands of cases have been filed against Bayer and  Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen Pharmaceutical, the drug’s co-manufacturers, stating that Xarelto is a dangerous blood thinner which does not come with proper warning. Some claimants have been faced with financial hardship associated with ongoing medical needs. Others have lost loved ones to severe bleeding they believe was directly related to Xarelto use. If you’ve been affected by this dangerous blood thinner, here is what you need to know:

Why did my doctor prescribe Xarelto?

Your doctor likely prescribed Xarelto to prevent two potential health crises: a blood clot or a stroke. Many patients were given this drug after knee or hip replacement surgery. Other times, it was prescribed to those with atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat) or a history of blood clotting. Xarelto is approved by the FDA for each of these uses.

Why has Xarelto caused so many injuries?

All blood thinners carry bleeding risks, but many people believe drugs like Xarelto are much more dangerous. Other widely used blood thinners, such as Coumadin, contains an antidote designed to reduce the risk of uncontrollable bleeding. Xarelto does not. Without this antidote, any bleed — internal or external — can turn deadly. Some believe the lack of antidote makes drugs like Xarelto the riskier choice in blood thinners.

What kinds of injuries have been reported?

Many different health issues have been reported, as well as deaths. Intestinal bleeding and rectal bleeding are commonly reported by families pursuing lawsuits against Xarelto’s manufacturer. Brain hemorrhaging has also been reported.

Has the drug been recalled?

No. Despite large-scale complaints, Xarelto has never been recalled. However, the manufacturer has edited the drug’s label six times since it was originally approved by the FDA in 2011. A recall is still a possibility in the future. As more patients who have experienced injuries pursue answers, facts are revealed and data is reported. When you file a lawsuit, you not only pursue the compensation you deserve, you help ensure manufacturers are held accountable for making unsafe drugs.

What can I do?

First, you need to contact an attorney to determine the viability of your case. A statute of limitations does apply, meaning you must file a claim against the manufacturer within a certain time frame. An experienced attorney may also be able to shed light on what you can expect from the process.

Why should I let Ward Black Law handle my case?

First and foremost, the attorneys and staff at Ward Black Law are compassionate and people centric. We understand that you are dealing with either a difficult recovery or the loss of a loved one. It is our goal to handle the complexities of your case while pursuing the justice you deserve. We have decades of experience going head-to-head with prescription drug companies, advocating for the compensation our clients deserve.

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