Stryker Hip Update: Attorney Discovers Client’s Suffering from Implant Firsthand


After years of representing clients harmed by dangerous products, Florida attorney Doug Blankman experienced firsthand how it felt to be the victim of a defective medical device. According to the Chicago Tribune, the 58-year-old lawyer recently underwent hip revision surgery, following a doctor’s discovery of damaged tissue caused by corroding metal from his Stryker® Rejuvenate hip implant.

Blankman is hardly the first victim of the Stryker® Rejuvenate. Over the past few months alone, several claims have been filed against Stryker® Orthopaedics, citing a variety of serious side effects and health problems; including metallosis (metal poisoning), dislocation or loosening of the implant, bone fracture, bone death, nerve and muscle damage, and other serious side effects resulting in risky, expensive revision surgeries.

In fact, the Stryker® Rejuvenate and related ABG II Modular-Neck Hip Stems were voluntarily removed from the market in July 2012, with a spokesperson for Stryker® Orthopaedics citing “possible pain and/or swelling at or around the hip,” as the reason for the recall.  

The company currently offers some compensation for injured patients, including coverage for testing and removal of failed hip implants. Unfortunately, they have yet to offer compensation for long-term medical treatment, lost wages, pain or disability caused from problems associated with the faulty implant, resulting in an upswing of legal claims and lawsuits against Stryker® Orthopaedics and its partners.

How does this affect you?

If you or someone you know was implanted with a Stryker® Rejuvenate or ABG II Modular-Neck Hip Stem system, and suffered from health issues such as metallosis, dislocation or loosening of the implant, bone fracture or had to undergo a costly and painful revision surgery, you may be eligible for compensation. Contact a Stryker® hip recall attorney at Ward Black Law in Greensboro, N.C., today! We are happy to answer your questions and provide a free, no-obligation case evaluation. You may reach us by phone: (336) 333-22444 or toll-free at 800-531-9191 and by email, or you may visit us online:

To learn more about the Stryker® Rejuvenate and ABG II Modular-Neck Hip Stem system, or explore side effects commonly associated with these defective medical products, we invite you to visit our information overview page.