Record Number of Calls on Ask a Lawyer Day

If you measure the success rate of the 4ALL Ask a Lawyer Day only by the numbers, then this year’s event last Friday, March 1st, was the most successful event in the six years that the North Carolina Bar Association has sponsored it. The 456 volunteers across the state answered over 10,100 legal question from the public. In the previous five years, the call centers averaged a total of 7,850 calls each day. Breaking the 10,000 call mark is a significant benchmark. The free call day is usually held on the first Friday of March each year.

This program was instituted in 2008 while attorney Janet Ward Black was president of the North Carolina Bar Association. The Ask a Lawyer Day service day is only one part of a multi-faceted program to increase availability of legal services to the financially challenged citizens of North Carolina. The 4ALL program also raises money to support pro bono programs and encourages attorneys to volunteer hours each month doing pro bono work.

The program has been so successful that several other states and Canada have adopted the concept to help the citizens in their areas.