How Attorney Fees Work in Truck Accidents

If you are reading this, you or a loved one has probably just been through something truly terrible. Truck accident victims are often in a great deal of pain, frequently confused about whom to trust, and may not understand what the real priorities are right now. 

At Ward Black Law, we never lose our focus on the people involved or what is most important in these situations: we are so sorry that you or someone you care about is suffering and has to face all these questions.

It would probably feel good to have real answers and help so you can make some big decisions with confidence. Understanding what kind of legal support you need, and how things like attorney fees work, is something we can break down in clear, easy-to-understand terms. Let’s walk through the basics.

Why You Should Not Be Paying for Legal Help Right Now

Attorneys take on two kinds of cases: non-contingency or contingency. The differences include what type of litigation is involved, and, most significantly, how the expense of legal representation is covered.

With non-contingency cases, a client hires an attorney to take on their case and pays an agreed-upon retainer up front. If a case drags on, or the funds in the retainer are exhausted, the client works out additional payment with the attorney to continue pressing their case through the settlement process or in court. 

In contingency cases, clients do not pay any fees up front. The attorney assesses the case, assumes a degree of risk for representing the client, and the legal team agrees only to accept payment if a claim is successful in court or through a settlement. In that case, the attorney is paid an agreed-upon percentage of the settlement or award. If the client does not receive money in a settlement, they pay no fees to their lawyer.

There are exceptions, but generally, truck accident cases should fall into the contingency category. What that means is right now, you probably should not need to worry about paying for an attorney to take on your case. Many victims are missing work, or are even still in the hospital, in pain, and stressed out about medical bills piling up. The last thing you need to worry about is finding the money to hire a lawyer that will work tirelessly for your good.

Finding the Best Attorney

That’s the bottom line about how lawyers get paid to do their work. How do you pick an attorney, though? If you’re looking for a North Carolina truck accident lawyer, you will find many options. What makes the difference?

When an attorney takes a case on a contingency basis, it’s clear they are working both for their client’s success and the firm’s compensation. The two things are entirely tied up in the same bundle. That creates a powerful incentive to do everything we can to work for the maximum compensation you deserve. 

However, at Ward Black Law, we believe there is something even more powerful at work and at stake—you and your well being

Our firm has an exhaustive list of victories in and out of court. Our reputation and the respect from our peers is something we have spent a long time building. Success and expertise set us apart, but the one thing that our clients often can’t find with other firms is the depth of compassion and care we offer. 

Ward Black Law is with you every step of the way. Honor and integrity are the foundation of our practice. 

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