Diagnosed with Mesothelioma? 3 Critical Next Steps

When a doctor confirms the diagnosis is mesothelioma, life can feel like a blur. Even if the patient and family have suspected this disease based on asbestos exposure in previous years, the result is overwhelming.

While the outlook may seem scary, there are several steps families can take to regain a sense of control. The initial period of time following the diagnosis is crucial for developing a plan to combat the effects of this disease. Consider starting with these three steps.

Find Experienced Medical Support

Chances are, you’ve seen many doctors on the road to diagnosis. From a primary care provider to imaging specialists, there’s a lot of care required for mesothelioma patients. Now that you’ve been officially diagnosed, it is time to find a specialist whom you trust. With an expert overseeing your care, you and your family can rest assured that you are receiving the best possible treatment. Many patients also need a specialist to support their mental and/or spiritual health. Finding a counselor early to discuss what you are going through and concerns about the future can drastically improve your quality of life.

Learn About Your Treatment Options

Depending on your cancer’s stage, there are treatment options available for mesothelioma. While a good care provider will educate you on your options, self-education is also wise. Learn everything there is to know about your disease and the therapies available. Ask questions about the treatment that is recommended to you and know how it will affect your overall health before beginning. This will help you prepare mentally and physically for what’s to come.

Know Your Legal & Financial Rights

You have probably already realized that it is very costly to treat mesothelioma. Most patients undergo surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, or other therapies that require care in a hospital setting. Those who are still working often have to quit their jobs, leaving them without income in an expensive season. This is where an experienced mesothelioma attorney comes in. If your disease is a direct result of asbestos exposure, your lawyer can educate you on your legal rights, financial compensation, and how quickly you can get help.

Contact Ward Black Law

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