4 Mistakes to Avoid After a Tractor-Trailer Accident

If you or a loved one has been injured in a tractor-trailer accident, it’s important to understand that actions you take or statements you make immediately after the accident can impact your insurance claims or any legal case you may have against the driver, trucking company, or cargo company. Many tractor-trailer accident victims or family members unknowingly make mistakes in the days after an accident. Here are four common mistakes you should avoid after a tractor-trailer accident. 

Mistake 1: Making a statement that can hurt your case.

You may be contacted by insurance companies soon after the tractor trailer accident, either your own insurance company or the company that insures the transportation company and driver. If you say anything that creates doubt about who is at fault, or perhaps do not even know or understand the full extent of your injuries,  you could hurt your case. 

In addition to avoiding making statements to insurance companies, you should also avoid telling your story to friends and neighbors or making social media posts about the accident. A skilled personal injury attorney can help guide you in what you should share and when you should share it. 

Mistake 2: Failing to get a truck-accident attorney quickly enough to collect evidence and talk to witnesses.

Gathering evidence from the crash and talking to any witnesses as soon as possible are crucial steps to preserving your rights to fair compensation.  Witnesses may become harder to contact or less likely to make a statement as time passes. The details of the accident may also start to fade in their minds. 

Evidence, which can include your damaged car, the truck, your injuries, or items at the accident scene, can be vital to your case. Document everything with photos, but also hire a qualified attorney who can help you investigate the accident. You need to devote your time and energy to your medical care or the care of your loved one. 

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Mistake 3: Giving into pressure to accept a settlement quickly.

With medical bills piling up and the need to repair or replace your vehicle heavy on your mind, you may feel an urgency to settle your case with the insurance company as quickly as possible. A quick settlement usually results in you receiving less money than you would with legal representation. Taking the time needed for a thorough investigation and securing a truck accident lawyer can help ensure you receive compensation for all of the involved medical needs, property damage, lost income, and pain and suffering. 

Mistake 4: Repairing or selling your vehicle too soon.

Your damaged vehicle is part of the evidence in an accident with a commercial truck, so rushing to repair the damage or sell the vehicle is actually getting rid of the evidence. While a police report and pictures of your car may have been gathered the day of the accident, there can be hidden damage to your vehicle that couldn’t be noticed at the crash scene or even on the first inspection by a mechanic or body shop technician. In some cases, your insurance company may pay for a rental car for you to drive while the claims are being processed. It’s best to check with an attorney to find out the steps and timing for a car being repaired or sold. 

Need More Guidance?

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