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The workers’ compensation lawyers of Ward Black Law serve injured clients in the Lexington area and pursue payment for traumatic injuries including back impairment, fractures and head injuries in addition to occupational diseases such as asbestosis and hearing loss. If you’ve suffered significant wage loss and/or permanent impairment or disfigurement from work-related injury, you may need a workers’ compensation attorney in Lexington, N.C. Ward Black Law considers it their responsibility to help you receive the benefits you deserve. Compensation may cover medical bills, lost wages, vocational rehabilitation and partial or total disability.

Contact a workers’ compensation lawyer at Ward Black Law today. We offer a free consultation that will help you to determine whether you can benefit from legal representation. It is our pleasure to answer, at no charge, any question workers may have about their rights for on-the-job injuries.

Workers’ Compensation, Lexington, N.C.

Situated in the heart of the Piedmont-Triad, Lexington does a lively trade in tourism, but its main claim to fame, of course, is its barbeque. Its major sectors of industry are education, health services and manufacturing. If you’ve experienced an accident or injury working in one of these or any other field, consult a workers’ compensation lawyer in Lexington, NC.  The attorneys at Ward Black Law can answer your questions and bring your case to settlement. Please consult the resources below for information about notifying your employer, seeking medical treatment and filing a claim.

Notifying Your Lexington, N.C. Employer

If you’ve suffered a work-related injury, you should immediately notify your employer. Some employers may justify denying benefits because of delayed reporting. In most cases, your first point of contact will be your supervisor or your company’s Human Resources Department, which will provide necessary insurance information. However, it’s good practice to consult a workers’ compensation lawyer before filing a claim. The following links provide contact information for some of the major employers in the Lexington area.

Lexington, N.C. Health Care Providers

An injury sustained at your Lexington place of work often requires immediate medical treatment or rehabilitation/chiropractic therapy for ongoing musculoskeletal problems, not only for your well-being, but for the workers’ compensation claims process to work as it should. Additionally, your employer and its insurance company may assert their right to direct medical treatment, so make sure you receive authorization before seeking treatment. We’ve provided a list of a number of the area’s health care providers that can treat your on-the-job injury.  *Ward Black Law is not responsible for inaccurate or outdated information on third-party websites, but provides the following list as a resource only.    

North Carolina Industrial Commission Information for Lexington, N.C.

The North Carolina Industrial Commission manages the Workers’ Compensation program in North Carolina. To learn more about your workers’ compensation rights or to download forms, visit http://www.ic.nc.gov/index.html.