Big Trucks. Big Risk.

Truck accidents involving 18 wheelers, semis, tractor trailers and other big trucks can be traumatic – physically, emotionally and financially – and they’re on the rise. If you or a loved one have been the victim of a truck accident in Greensboro, NC and suffered serious injury, contact a truck accident attorney at Ward Black Law immediately! Our personal injury lawyers can review the details of your truck accident, advise you of your legal rights and, if applicable, pursue compensation for your loss. You can reach us by phone: 336-333-2244 or toll-free at 1-877-256-1214 or by email:

The Truth About Trucks

Big trucks carry big risks: their extraordinary size and weight – 80,000 pounds of sheer metal – make it difficult to stop, corner and maneuver quickly. They have large blind spots. Without proper upkeep, the chance for vehicular failure is high. Unfortunately, the consequences are big, too: truck accidents can result in catastrophic injury and disability including brain damage, spinal cord injuries, fractures, disfigurement, burns, amputations, paralysis and even death.

As commercial trucking grows and the number of 18 wheelers on the road increases, so too do the accidents. According to a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration report, in 2011, there were 23,000 associated injuries and 635 deaths from accidents with big trucks, including 18 wheelers, semis, and tractor trailers. Big truck accidents account for about 1/8 of the total traffic accidents in the U.S.

Why Do 18 Wheeler Accidents Happen?

There are a number of reasons why truck accidents occur. A thorough investigation by Ward Black Law into the facts and circumstances of the accident often reveals liability by both the truck driver and the trucking company. Factors contributing to an accident include:

Driver Fatigue

With long hauls and deadlines to meet, truck drivers may push their limits, exceeding the number of approved driving hours per shift, or cut short their breaks between shifts. Drowsy or sleep-deprived truck drivers pose a real danger on the road. They can be inattentive, with dulled senses and slow reaction times. Drivers who actually fall asleep behind the wheel might cross over the centerline, force cars off the road, rear-end cars, or cause collisions between other vehicles.

Falsified Logbooks

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act requires all truck drivers to keep up to date and accurate records of their daily activity, including driving time, mileage, rest breaks, cargo weight, meals, etc. In order to meet their goals and maximize profit, however, truckers may drive too many hours and record a false time or skip an entry entirely, violating Federal Law.

Reckless Driving

Truckers may speed, tailgate, drive under the influence of alcohol and drugs or otherwise break the rules of the road.


Truck drivers may fail to be adequately trained or licensed for 18 wheelers or other big trucks.

Overweight/Improper Loading

Truck companies might employ dangerous loading practices which can cause increased breaking distance, shifting and unbalanced loads and unsecured freight falling from the truck.

Insufficient Maintenance

Improper maintenance can affect the truck’s performance, causing it to swerve, stall or brake suddenly. It may also lead to problems that impede the driver’s visibility and other drivers’ ability to see the truck on the road. 18 wheelers should be routinely inspected for bald tires; worn axles and brakes; broken headlights taillights or trailer lights; cracked windshields, rearview mirrors or side mirrors; missing mud flaps; broken trailer latches; ripped tarpaulins and shredded tie-downs; and weathered reflective tape.

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