Attorney Payton and Workers’ Compensation

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By Rachel Scott Decker

Clients who can no longer work appreciate the fact that someone at Ward Black Law is working hard for them. Ward Black Law’s Workers’ Compensation team helps clients who have suffered wage loss or permanent injury or disfigurement because of an on-the-job injury.  Attorney S. Camille Payton seeks benefits for employees for all types of injuries, including back injuries, fractures, and head injuries. Together with her team, including Angé Saunders and Tammy Martin, Payton makes sure no remedy for the injured worker is overlooked and strives to return the worker to his or her pre-injury status.

“I’m from a working-class family,” said Payton.  “So I know how important every paycheck is to the well-being of a household.” Payton, who began practicing law in 1993, has been with the firm since 2000.

While the Workers’ Compensation laws do not require a worker to have an attorney, experienced attorneys like Payton can assist workers in making sure benefits are properly protected. Also, the employer and its insurance company have experienced lawyers representing them.  Ward Black Law’s attorneys can balance the playing field and protect the worker. For example, Payton represented an injured worker whose health condition did not permit him to live in his home as it was currently constructed because it did not permit him to live in his home as it was currently constructed because it could not accomodate his wheelchair and other new physical limitations. The workers’ employer wanted to permanently place the worker in a nursing home. Instead Payton and her team were able to secure a settlement that allowed him to purchase a new residence so he could move out of the nursing home.

“There are some cases in which a person who doesn’t have a lawyer is more likely to be taken advantage of by the employer or the insurance company,” Payton said. “This was one of those cases.”

While Payton settles many cases on behalf of her clients, she is anexperienced trial attorney who has handled numerous cases at the trial level and before the Full Commission.

Ward Black Law’s workers’ compensation team has also handled matters in North Carolina’s appellate courts.

In addition to accepting cases that arise from an accident, such as a fall or a car crash, Payton also represents clients who have developed an occupational disease caused by work exposure to dangerous products, such as asbestos and benzene. Payton provides free consultations to workers injured on the job and would be happy to speak to those hurt at work.

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