What to do if your claim is denied or the offer seems unfair

How to determine fair market value if your car is a total loss


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It’s never convenient to settle a property damage claim with another driver’s insurance company. If you were in an accident that was someone else’s fault, it’s important to know your rights under state law and the NC Department of Insurance. This e-book outlines those rights and helps you get back on the road.

Car accidents are a pain.

Getting your ride back shouldn’t have to be.

Inside you'll learn:

Who is responsible for repair estimates and addressing diminished value

How to secure a rental car and make sure it’s properly insured

Sometimes, property damage claims get messy. If your case seems like more than you can handle, or if you were injured in your accident, the powerful voice of an attorney may increase your chance of success. Contact Ward Black Law for a free consultation today.

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