Divorce and Family Law

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Do I Need a Divorce and Family Law Attorney?

If you are experiencing one of the following family issues, seeking the help of a family law attorney or divorce lawyer could make all the difference: 

  • You’re planning on getting married and want to draft a prenuptial agreement.
  • You have children and want to educate yourself on custody and parent’s rights.
  • You’re contemplating divorce.
  • You’re separated from your spouse.
  • Your spouse has threatened to leave you, and you want to educate yourself about your rights and options.
  • You received a letter or draft separation agreement from your spouse’s attorney.
  • You were served with a lawsuit for absolute divorce.
  • You’re considering legally changing your name.
  • You’d like to draft a power of attorney.
  • You’re interested in domestic or foreign adoption.
  • You need legal guardianship of an incompetent person.

Everyone experiences family issues; however, certain challenges and events have greater implications than others. If you fall into one of the above categories, taking the appropriate legal action is crucial for your best outcome.

Attorneys Who Care

The experienced divorce attorneys at Ward Black Law understand that divorce and other family law affairs can be complex, confusing, and often emotionally stressful.

We want you to know that this journey isn’t one you have to navigate alone.

“Afi did a fantastic job for me. She guided me through the process and was very specific with what she needed from. She was very clear about what I could expect and let me know when I was off base on my own thoughts. I would highly recommend her to anyone that is dealing with family issues in court. I would be glad to talk with anyone on her behalf about my experience and continued use of her services. I also want to include her entire team as well as they should not be left out!”

For years we have been a leading, local resource for families in Greensboro, N.C. and surrounding communities. With understanding, experience, and expertise, we can provide the answers you seek and the guidance you need.

Areas of Focus

Our skilled family law attorneys offers compassionate, individualized attention to unique situations, including:

If you’re struggling to wrap your head around the legalities, you can sit down with an attorney at Ward Black Law to go over the details of your case, have your questions answered, and gain sound advice on your rights in the state of North Carolina.

You’ll leave the consultation with options for moving forward as well as proposed tailored strategies that may help you meet your objectives.

Further, by engaging a partnership with Ward Black Law, you can rest assured that your case will be handled with the highest standard of professionalism. Our attorneys have remarkable integrity and character, and keep clients’ best interests at heart.


If you’re knee-deep in a divorce or other domestic issue, contact Ward Black Law in Greensboro, N.C. today. Our firm is dedicated to bringing about practical solutions to your challenges, and we want to help you regain harmony in your family life.

We offer one-hour consultations for an initial flat fee of $300, in which we will go over your case and offer some options for next steps, as well as provide you with a cost estimate for services. Should you choose to continue with us, both flat fees and traditional retainer fees are available.

Let’s Get Started

If you’re ready to take the first step, call us today at (336) 333-2244 to schedule a consultation.

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