The Stryker V40 Femoral Head — Defective & Dangerous

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Stryker® Orthopedics is the world’s leading provider of total hip replacement devices. In 2012, the company issued a major recall for two widely used systems — the Rejuvenate and ABGII. Now, they are warning consumers about another product, the Stryker® LFIT V40 Femoral Head. In some cases, the device head has disconnected from the neck component, causing severe pain and necessitating extensive revision surgery.

Stryker® has issued a product warning in the United States and a recall in Canada at this time.

Why It’s Happening
Due to a design flaw, corrosion is occurring where the device head meets the neck of the device. Over time, this significantly weakens the device, making complete dissociation a possibility. Dissociation can be a very catastrophic event and requires prompt revision surgery — a procedure that is likely more invasive and difficult than the original hip replacement.

Even if dissociation never occurs, corrosion of the device inside the body can bring serious health risks. The metal-on-metal design creates friction, often leading to a release of heavy metals such as chromium or cobalt into the body. A high metal level is referred to as metallosis, and it’s effects can be devastating.

What to Watch For
Patients who know they received a Stryker® femoral head product should be aware of the potential side effects of these issues. Many have experienced:

  • Chronic/worsening pain
  • Loss of mobility
  • Noise coming from the hip
  • Insufficient range of motion
  • Inflammation/infection
  • Skin rash
  • Issues related to the nervous system

What Can Be Done?
Those who experience issues with the Stryker® femoral head will often require emergency care and/or additional surgery. These can be very expensive and result in lost wages, as well as prolonged pain and suffering. To best understand your rights as a patient, it is wise to speak with an attorney who specializes in defective medical product litigation. A skilled lawyer can serve as your advocate, ensuring companies are held responsible for releasing a potentially dangerous medical product into the market.

Get A Free Consultation
If you or a loved one are experiencing any complications with a Stryker® hip outside of the Stryker® V40 Femoral Head, don’t hesitate to contact us and we will work with you to see if you have a case. The attorneys at Ward Black Law are offering free and confidential consultations to those who have been injured by a defective Stryker® femoral head or Stryker® hip. Contact us today at (877) 256-1214 to discuss your legal options.

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