DePuy Synthes Attune® Failure — Knee Replacement Recall Attorney

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Knee Replacement RecallDePuy’s Attune® Knee system was approved by the FDA in 2010 after years of research and design centered around improving clinical outcomes in knee replacement surgeries. Like several other knee implant devices, it fell short of expectations, causing many patients a great deal of pain and suffering, and ultimately revision surgery.

Ward Black Law is investigating this matter and wants to hear from those who suffered major complications after a knee replacement surgery.

Signs of Attune Knee Implant Failure
Patients who received the Depuy Attune® Knee system have reported the following issues:

  • Pain: Patients can expect some pain during their recovery period; however, persistent pain when moving the knee can indicate your device is failing.
  • Swelling and Heat: These can be signs of inflammation. Fluid build up or warmth around the knee may be associated with defective knee implants.
  • Mobility Issues: If you feel unstable on your knee, this could indicate device loosening or failure.
  • Infections: Infection is not a localized issue. You may feel discomfort in the knee; however, if you run a fever or feel generally unwell, see your doctor immediately.

A Common Problem
Most patients reporting Attune® knee implant failure say their issues began within the first one or two years. Some patients experience problems in a matter of months after surgery. While the side effects vary, a common thread has been found: tibial baseplate loosening,  a dangerous issue that can lead to bone damage.

Revision surgery is usually the only way to remedy an issue such as a device loosening. Secondary knee surgery is more difficult due to bone and muscle loss, as well as other complications. After a revision surgery, patients can expect a lengthy rehabilitation process. Between hospital bills, physical therapy, and lost wages due to missed work, the costs add up.

Did You Suffer From a Failed Knee Implant?
If you suffered complications or underwent revision surgery after a failed Depuy Attune® Knee System, Ward Black Law can help you explore your legal options. Our experienced product attorneys will walk you through the process of filing a lawsuit and serve as your voice while pursuing the compensation you deserve.  Please email us with any questions at or feel free to call or text us at 1-800-531-9191.

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