NC Attorney Reviewing Actos, Bladder Cancer Cases

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actos15North Carolina Actos Attorney Update:

Greensboro-based personal injury firm Ward Black Law is currently reviewing Actos cases that may be linked to bladder cancer. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a warning that Actos may be linked to bladder cancer.

“The FDA is indicating that the risk seems to be considerably higher for those that take the drug at ‘higher cumulative doses and for longer periods of time, usually 24 months or more,'” said Greensboro attorney Janet Ward Black. “Ward Black Law is actively pursuing cases for people in North Carolina who may be suffering from the negative side effects associated with Actos15 and Actos30. Our personal injury lawyers understand how to work through complicated dangerous products cases, such as those that may soon be associated with Actos.” (1)

Although Actos continues to remain on the shelves of drug stores in North Carolina and across the United States, France and Germany “have temporarily suspended the drug” out of concern for its citizens.  This “puts the future of Takeda Pharmaceuticals, the manufacturer, in a rather precarious position,” not just in France and Germany, but all across the European continent. (1)

In order to address this concerning issue Takeda has agreed to sponsor a study that will highlight this very worrisome potential side effect. However, “the FDA stresses that there is no definitive proof that Actos causes bladder cancer and that patients who are currently taking it should continue to do so, unless otherwise advised by their health care provider.” (2)

actos-30What does Actos do?

Actos is a drug for patients living with type 2 diabetes, although it can also work to balance good and bad levels of cholesterol as well.  When used in conjunction with proper diet and frequent exercise, Actos can effectively reduce the level of glucose (sugar) in your bloodstream.

According to the FDA, Actos poses less of a cardiovascular risk than its competitor, Avandia, which was almost completely banned from drug store shelves because of its serious side effects such as “heart attack, fracture, infection and high cholesterol.” (2)

The manufacturer of the Actos, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, continues to stand by its product, but it has agreed to include the possible bladder cancer risk on Actos bottle labels.  At present, Takeda is sponsoring a study which will specifically access the risk of bladder cancer due to frequent Actos use.
Ward Black Law is currently investigating the link between Actos and bladder cancer, and wiill continue to provide updates in this section of the website as more information comes available. If you feel you need to speak to one of our Actos attorneys, please contact our office toll-free at 877.256.1214.

Facts and statements about Actos according to the manufacturer:

  • Actos statement 1: Actos belongs to a class of prescription medications known as thiazolidinediones (thigh-ah-zo-li-deen-DYE-owns), which work to “help reduce insulin resistance; a common problem in those afflicted with type two diabetes.”
  • Actos statement 2: Actos “is available in three different dose levels,” and the one that you take depends on your specific case of diabetes.
  • Actos statement 3: Actos is a pill that is usually taken once a day, “with or without food.” that carries several possible side effects According to Actos, the Benefits of Actos include
  • Actos statement 4: Actos, “along with diet and exercise, helps your body use its own insulin more effectively.”  
  • Actos statement 5: In addition to treating diabetes Actos “may improve good cholesterol and triglycerides without consistent changes in bad cholesterol or total cholesterol.”
  • Actos statement 6: Actos can be used as part of diabetes polytherapy, meaning that it can be “used in combination with certain other diabetes medicines such as sulfonylureas, metformin or insulin.”

Ward Black Law is a Greensboro-based personal injury firm that is currently investigating potential Actos-related complications, such as bladder cancer. Contact one of the North Carolina Actos attorneys at Ward Black Law if you have questions your experience with Actos. Call 877.256.1214 or email us for help.

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