During the month of September, Ward Black Law has been collecting food for the Out of the Garden Project (OOTG), a non-profit organization based in Guilford County and founded by Don and Kristy Milholin of Greensboro. OOTG is “committed to making a difference in the lives of children who would otherwise go to bed hungry.” At each of 30 plus schools where OOTG has been asked to come in, children take home a small bag of groceries in their backpacks for the weekend, providing a meal or two that they would under normal circumstances go without.

Don and Kristy Milholin began the Out of the Garden Project in their home just over a year ago when Kristy saw in the need in her own children’s school. She worked with the school’s guidance counselor to identify those students that have the most need; i.e. students who are already on the free lunch programs and who most likely do not have enough to eat on the weekends because of their home situations.


Since the beginning of the project in Don and Kristy’s home helping the children at one school, the Out of the Garden Project has expanded in to a warehouse space and is providing weekend meals for students at over 30 schools in Guilford county, thus touching the lives of over 500 children, elementary- through high school-age.  School guidance counselors screen their school populations for those students who are at highest risk of going without meals on the weekends and provide the number of needed “backpacks” to OOTG.  The guidance counselors then distribute the bags each Friday afternoon.


Such an enormous undertaking requires large amounts of non-perishable food items and many helping hands. For this reason, Ward Black Law has stepped up to help not only collect food items, but to encourage employees to volunteer at the warehouse to pack the bags for the Friday disbursements. We cannot do it without you!  Help us to help Don and Kristy through the Out of the Garden Project feed the hungry children of Guilford County.