Habitat for Humanity 2011 – Santa Rosa, Honduras

Ward Black Law participated once again in a Habitat for Humanity trip to Honduras.  This year the group returned to Santa Rosa where they have worked several times.  Employees Jan Green and Summer Harpold with the others on the trip including Janet Ward’s husband, Gerard Davidson, organizer of the trip, dug foundations and made significant progress on the walls of a new home for a hard-working single dad and his son.  The weather was wet and hot, but everyone persevered especially the future homeowner who was there everyday working side-by-side with the Habitat folks. 

Habitat for Humanity 2010 – La Ceiba, Honduras

For the third year, Ward Black Law sponsored individuals on a Habitat for Humanity trip to Honduras.  This year the group, led by Gerard Davidson, Janet Ward Black’s husband, went to La Ceiba, a large port city and tourist destination on the Honduran Gulf coast.  The group of eleven also included Janet Ward’s sister-in-law, Jan Green; Kerri Sigler, attorney; and Roland Russoli, friend of Gerard and Janet Ward.

The Greensboro team assisted Habitat Honduras in building a new home for a couple, their children, and grandchildren.  The family currently lives in a two room home constructed of scrap block, cardboard and tin.  Before the team arrived in La Ceiba, the foundation had been poured and materials were waiting for the walls to go up.  Along with the family and the local Habitat team, the home team mixed mortar, tied rebar, laid block and back filled the foundation.  By the end of the week, the walls for the home were head high.  This work was completed in spite of the near 100 degree temperatures and 100% humidity.  Just breathing was a challenge, but they persevered and made real progress on the home.

The itinerary wasn’t entirely work, though. The group took a short boat trip from La Ceiba to a tiny, undeveloped island off the coast to snorkel in the crystal clear waters of a coral reef.  Later in the week, the brave at heart traveled a zipline through the jungle canopy of a nearby park.  Those who preferred their feet on the ground, explored beautiful botanical gardens.  Honduras is a country of indescribable beauty and hard working people.
As is usually the case, the people of Honduras and the beautiful terrain of mountains, forests and coastlines themselves made the biggest impression on the group.  The people as a whole live in poverty, but are happy and optimistic despite the harsh environment.  Habitat team members from the U.S. characteristically return home with a new sense of appreciation and enthusiasm for mission work among the poor at home and overseas.

Habitat for Humanity 2008 – Santa Rosa de Copan, Honduras

February 2008 once again found Ward Black Law employees leaving their desks and computers behind and traveling to Honduras with Habitat for Humanity.   Habitat for Humanity is an international non-profit organization dedicated to providing “simple, decent and affordable” housing for families who have never owned a home.

Using their personal time off, Myra Hines, Patricia Cairnes and David Rhodes joined 20 others for the trip to Santa Rosa de Copan. Jan Green returned with them for a second year. While February in North Carolina was still cold and rainy, the group arrived in Honduras to sunny skies and warm tropical temperatures.  Honduras is a beautiful country with breathtaking mountains, tropical beaches and vast areas of jungle. The mountains of Copan are famous for fresh bananas, watermelon, and oranges which were daily fare at the work site.

Returning to last year’s site where 18 houses have been completed except for water and electric service, the Ward Black Law group spent the week using pick axes and shovels to dig  trenches and run pipe for water and sewer lines.  Although the work was very hard, the participants agreed that each member received much more than they gave.

The group returned to Greensboro, tired and sore, but fulfilled and grateful to Ward Black Law for the opportunity to continue serving others in a different capacity.