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My words for this review will not do the justice that Nancy and her team deserve. As a mother with a child who suffered from a vaccine injury, I couldn’t have asked for a better attorney. The day the settlement was reached, I started to cry on the phone and she did so with me. You are all a part of our family now. Thank you.

Best Attorney in NC
We selected Nancy after a very long search where she was the only attorney, not only willing, but anxious to take our case. She and her team went well beyond the our expectations in researching and prosecuting our case. She was very understanding and compassionate with us and driven in the quest to push our case to success. We could never find an attorney as professional and driven as her again in a million years.

Amazing Team
Nancy and her team have been a god send to me and my family. Suffering from a vaccine injury, they provided me with the guidance, in depth knowledge and support needed to get through this process. We had a positive resolution in my case, because of their thoroughness and dedication to all of their clients. They will always hold a special place in my heart.

Smart, Patient, and Kind
Nancy is smart, friendly and thorough. She and her team went above and beyond for us during a very tough time. She was patient and quick to respond when we were worried and asked a thousand questions. She truly made us feel like her only clients while she was working on our case. We could not have asked for a better lawyer. If you are in need of someone to represent you or a loved one in a Vaccine Injury case we highly recommend her.

Best Lawyers in North Carolina
I cannot speak highly enough of Ms. Meyers. She handled my personal injury claim with a professional standard that exceeded my highest expectations. In my crisis following a car wreck with a lot of physical and mental injury, she worked with great passion to ensure the just settlement. Beyond being professional she was caring, compassionate, and always listened to the client as a human being and not just one of many clients. Because she works so hard to understand the nature of my injuries, and she understood how serious my mild TBI was, she was instrumental in helping me recover financial loss for the seriousness of the car wreck. I would recommend her for any personal injury or medical malpractice as I know she works hard for the best and fair settlement for all of her clients. Thanks for such hard work.

Nancy Meyers
Nancy Meyers as well as Paul Daniels fostered my peace of mind with their vigilance and kindness during my personal injury case. Nancy Meyers was as much a part of my recovery as any surgeon. Nancy visited me in the hospital three times after my initial admission and post surgery. Nancy’s expertise and natural command of personal injury cases was obvious, explaining all facets of how the case would be pursued. I left the hospital knowing my concerns were in the right hands. Nancy provided for a peaceful and regenerative recovery, which I cannot overstate. I will retain Ward Black Law in the future, where I know my interests are in kind, competent hands.

Exceptional Lawyer and Person…
Nancy is by far the one of the best attorney’s I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. She made myself and husband feel so at ease from the the first moment we met her. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an attorney that is compassionate, caring and looking out for your best interest.

Exceptional Attorney
Nancy Meyers is a wonderfully knowledgable, and compassionate attorney. My family used her several years ago after my brother was killed in an auto accident. She was everything you would want her to be. Compassionate, yet strong. She was kind, yet assertive. I recently used her again on a smaller scale when I was injured in an accident. Although my claim was obviously much smaller, Nancy was again there to help me in her smiling, friendly way. She is more than competent with large cases or small ones. I would, and have recommended her to anyone needing legal council for personal injury.