For many patients implanted with a DePuy hip replacement, such as the DePuy ASR® System, metal poisoning is a serious health risk posing substantial health complications.

What is the DePuy ASR® System?

The DePuy ASR® hip implant system is an all-metal device, initially believed to be more durable than its ceramic and plastic counterparts. Years later, it is now known that the DePuy ASR® all-metal hip implant is associated with a range of serious health issues, including infection, nerve and muscle damage, loosening and dislocation of the implant and even metallosis.

In fact, many DePuy hip replacement patients experience such painful and debilitating symptoms that they must undergo an expensive, often risky revision surgery to remove and replace the all-metal hip poisoning their bodies.

What is Metallosis?

Metallosis, also known as metal poisoning, is one of the most devastating health complications linked to the DePuy ASR® hip implant.

Metallosis occurs when cobalt or chromium debris from the DePuy all-metal hip device enters the patient’s bloodstream. These metal particles can poison the body, causing anything from bone staining or bone loss, to tissue necrosis (tissue death) and the formation of pseudo-tumors. High levels of metal ions in the bloodstream may also increase a patient’s risk of cancer.

If you or a loved one has been implanted with a DePuy all-metal hip implant and is experiencing any of the symptoms below, you should seek prompt medical attention and the counsel of an experienced DePuy hip recall attorney:

  • Difficulty standing
  • Convulsions, headaches or migraines
  • Thyroid issues
  • Tinnitus
  • Vertigo
  • Deafness and/or blindness
  • Optic nerve damage

Metal Hip Poisoning Cases in North Carolina

North Carolina residents implanted with a DePuy ASR® all-metal hip device, and exhibiting symptoms of metal poisoning should seek prompt medical attention and expert legal counsel as soon as they are able.

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