Metal-on-metal hip implants, where both the ball and socket of the hip replacement are made of metal, gained significant popularity in recent years due to their superior durability over other hip replacement options. Today, however, many metal-on-metal hip implant models are associated with a number of known health complications. In many cases, these health issues are so prevalent that several metal-on-metal hip implant models have been recalled or voluntarily taken off of the market by the manufacturer.

Serious Complications from Metal-on-Metal Hip Implants

Some of the most serious health complications occur when metal “debris,” caused by friction between the two metal parts of the hip implant, is released into the bloodstream. This “debris,” containing trace amounts of chromium and cobalt, can lead to a variety of serious health risks and complications.


Metallosis is a commonly reported complication associated with metal-on-metal hip implants. This condition, also known as metal poisoning, causes growths to form in the tissue surrounding the hip implant. While these growths are benign tumors, made from a combination of scar tissue and pus, it can result in tissue death. When the tissue around the hip joint dies, the person affected will see a significant decrease in the quality of his or her life. The death of hip tissue can leave the affected person with permanent trouble walking or continuing daily activities. Future hip repair, replacement and revision surgery will also be far less likely to be effective.

Cobalt and Chromium Poisoning

Other serious health risks can occur as the levels of cobalt and chromium increase in the bloodstream. Too much cobalt entering the blood from a metal-on-metal hip implant can result in cobalt poisoning. Cobalt poisoning can cause headaches and damage to the liver and immune system, and may even lead to other debilitating health complications. The cobalt and chromium found in metal-on-metal hip implants are also considered carcinogens-meaning that they have been linked to the growth of cancerous cells.

Know Your Rights

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