Hip Recall Cases and Settlements: Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson, owner of joint reconstruction manufacturer DePuy Orthopaedics, Inc., has found itself facing a raft of lawsuits of defective hip implants recalled in 2010. The Johnson & Johnson recall is the largest in the industry to date and signalled the beginning of several more recent recalls, including the 2012 recall of the Stryker ABG II and the Wright Medical PROFEMUR modular hip replacement systems.

In 2012, Johnson & Johnson settled three cases, all in Nevada, for a total of approximately $600,000, or $200,000 per case. The settlement kept the cases from going to trial.

An article published on Bloomberg Businessweek details the claims of Annelise Rundle, Martha Bender and Katherine Guy. The cases were consolidated, and all three had received ASR hip replacements by the same surgeon within six years. All three women later had to have the hip implants removed because of side effects.

According to the article, the amount of the settlement fell within the expected range.

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