About Broadspire

Broadspire provides third-party risk management services to employers and insurance companies in the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom. The company specializes in claims for large companies in areas such as workers compensation, general liability, medical case management and risk and safety consulting.

Broadspire is part of Crawford & Company, an Atlanta, Ga.-based independent provider of claims management to the insurance and risk management industries. Crawford & Company’s global network operates in more than 70 countries.

Why Broadspire?

In 2012, DePuy and Stryker hired Broadspire to handle the large volume of defective hip implant insurance claims. Broadspire was also hired by Johnson & Johnson, who initiated the largest hip recall to date.

Broadspire has been retained by DePuy and Stryker to gather information from claimants about their hip implant type and to verify that they do, in fact, have the recalled hip implant. Broadspire deals specifically with DePuy ASR and Stryker Rejuvenate hip implant systems. In order to do this, Broadspire has to have permission to gather your medical records from your surgeon or other healthcare provider.

It is important to note two things about Broadspire:

  • They have been hired by the hip manufacturers, so they work for the hip manufacturers.
  • Broadspire is not required to disclose to you which records they retain from your surgeon or healthcare provider, and information gathered can be used against you in any future litigation.

What kind of claims does Broadspire handle?

Broadspire handles claims related to reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses for medical treatment or visits required due to complications from an original hip implant. This might include co-pays for doctor visits, X-rays or MRIs, blood tests for metal toxicity, revision surgery, rehabilitation, etc. Broadspire can also handle claims for reimbursement due to work earnings lost as a result of hip recall complications. They cannot handle any claims for reimbursement due to pain and suffering, long-term disability, emotional distress, or loss of quality of life.

Dealing with Broadspire can prove tricky for patients who may not know their rights or who may not understand how the information they provide to Broadspire can negatively impact any future litigation. While Broadspire does not currently require claimants to sign litigation releases, their access to sensitive medical records opens patients up to a dangerous level of transparency, potentially compromising any attempts at litigation related to pain and suffering, emotional distress or long-term disability.

How do I know if I need an attorney?

The attorneys at Ward Black Law recommend that patients seek assistance from an attorney in all claims with Broadspire, even if just to protect your information and rights. We recommend to have an attorney when dealing with third-party administrators like this, as they often require patients/claimants to sign extensive documentation. An attorney can help you understand the legal ramifications of the documentation required and help you make the best decision for your case.

In order to make a claim against DePuy or Stryker for pain and suffering, you will generally need to retain an attorney. If you or a loved one has been a victim of this hip implant recall, resulting in long-term disability, extensive pain and suffering or other damages, we encourage you to find a trustworthy attorney who can help you document your injuries and expenses against DePuy or Stryker.

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