Hernia repair surgery is a fairly routine procedure. Hundreds of thousands of people undergo these operations in the U.S. each year. Often, surgeons will implant a mesh device to provide support for damaged or weakened tissue. Certain types of this surgical mesh have been linked to life-threatening complications.

Ward Black Law is currently investigating two hernia mesh manufacturers’ products, both of which have been recalled in recent years.

Atrium C-Qur™ Mesh
Released to market in 2006
FDA warning issued in 2012
Class 2 Recall issued by FDA in 2013

Ethicon Physiomesh™
Released to market in 2010
Recalled by manufacturer in 2016

Have you suffered complications after a hernia mesh surgery?

Thousands of individuals have noticed new or worsening symptoms after their hernia mesh surgery, launching investigations of these two widely used products. Common complications include:

  • Infections — patients become ill immediately following surgery or down the road
  • Rejection — the body responds negatively to the implanted foreign object
  • Pain — intense pain often signals infection or dangerous organ perforation
  • Adhesions —abdominal or bowel adhesion requiring secondary surgery
  • Allergic reactions — rash may appear across the body

The consequences of insufficient testing

If you or a loved one has suffered one of the above complications after hernia surgery, you probably have many questions about why this happened. Unfortunately, both of these mesh products went to market very quickly, bypassing safety tests because similar products had already been approved by the FDA. Other mesh products, including transvaginal mesh, have been linked to complications and secondary surgery. These materials simply did not undergo lengthy and rigorous testing — testing that could have potentially saved lives and prevented thousands of injuries.

Find an attorney you can trust.

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