2017 Christmas Card Who’s Who

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First Row (Seated Left to Right)Attorney S. Camille Payton, Attorney Jeffrey P. Lewis, Attorney Afi Johnson-Parris, Attorney Gerard Davidson

Second Row (Left to Right):  Karla Reyes Bravo, Jan Green, Jane Carter, Rose Krueger, Attorney Nancy R. Meyers, Manisha P. Patel, Attorney Janet Ward Black, Attorney Rebekah Wolfe, Wendy Campbell, Carol Monge, Ronda Holloway, Annie Isenhower

Third Row (Left to Right):  Laurie Canham, Tammy Martin, Bryan Krueger, Natasha Kroma, Kelsey Hecker, Hannah Miller, Dina Adams, Angela Saunders, Janice Carlson, Myra Hines, Stacy Chavis, Kerry Nance, Sherry Hensley

Last Row (Left to Right):  Ariel Jipping, Dan Dutilly, Lisa Hobbs

Not Pictured:  Clay Davidson, Taylor Barrett

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