July 6, 2016

A Free Resource for Surviving Your Workers’ Compensation Case

Posted By: Ward Black Law

Over a million injuries happen in workplaces across America each year.

Serious back injuries are most common, but workers’ are affected by countless other accidents and illnesses at work. Because every case is unique and recovery times are different, securing workers’ compensation is a process that requires a working knowledge of your rights to payments for doctor and hospital visits, as well as lost wages.

September 1, 2015

Clarence’s Story: Injured on the Job

Posted By: Ward Black Law

Clarence had been driving a tractor trailer for more than 20 years when the unthinkable happened. He lost control of the trailer and quickly realized that his career – and his life – could be cut short. Fortunately, he survived the accident, but his trials weren’t over. This is his story:

January 26, 2015

Benzene Exposure in North Carolina: The Shocking Truth

Posted By: Ward Black Law

Though benzene is one of the top 20 chemicals produced in our country, it is not often heard of or discussed. What most people do not realize is that this common chemical solvent has been linked to blood cancers such as leukemia and other devastating health effects. After being exposed to benzene at workplaces in North Carolina and across the country, people want to take action for the dangers they unknowingly faced. At Ward Black Law, we come alongside these individuals, serving as a powerful voice for their rights.

January 28, 2013

5 Crucial Steps in Filing N.C. Workers’ Compensation Claims

Posted By: Ward Black Law

claimapprovedNorth Carolina workers’ compensation provides medical and disability coverage for individuals with work-related injuries, impairment/disfigurement and occupational diseases, such as asbestosis and hearing loss. If a worker can produce sufficient evidence that the injury or disease was a direct result of the job, the worker has a right to receive compensation for significant wage loss and required medical treatment and rehabilitation. But the system is complex, riddled with loopholes and red tape, and sometimes, unfortunately, the outcomes can be unfair to sick and injured workers.       

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