Mesothelioma, lung cancer and other asbestos-related diseases can be very costly. Many patients struggle to pay for the expenses of treatment and quickly learn that the costs add up, even with good health insurance. These costs include:

  • Medical Treatments: Surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation, can cost thousands.
  • Lost Wages: Patients and caregivers often sacrifice earnings or stop working entirely during times of intensive treatment.
  • Travel: Many patients, especially those with mesothelioma, travel great distances to see doctors who specialize in their disease.
  • Alternative Therapies: Alternative therapies may be effective for some patients, but they are not always covered by insurance.
  • Quality of Life: No dollar amount can be assigned to the diminished quality of life patients with asbestos disease experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my options for covering these costs?

There are a number of resources that may be able to help with these costs. They include compensation from trusts set up by asbestos companies, claims against manufacturers and distributors in court, and workers’ compensation claims.

How can Ward Black Law help me?

A member of the asbestos disease team at the firm will be glad to talk with you by phone or in person at no charge and answer yours questions. The firm looks for every possible option for compensation for you.

I was diagnosed years ago. Is there still time to seek compensation?

There are time limits for most claims depending on the diagnosis. The firm will be glad to help you understand those time frames for your circumstances at no charge.