If you have been implanted with a Zimmer® hip implant device, such as the Zimmer® M/L Taper Prosthesis with Kinectiv® Technology, contact Ward Black Law today. Our team of experienced attorneys are currently reviewing potential product liability claims of individuals who have been implanted with this device and are currently or have recently undergone revision surgery, in North Carolina and across the United States.

Hip Implant Complications Resulting in Revision Surgery

A revision surgery is often a more difficult procedure than the initial hip replacement surgery. The outcome is also often less positive. Patients who have or will undergo revision surgery as a result of a faulty Zimmer® hip implant, should consider the following when contemplating whether or not to file a claim:

  • Lost Earnings:  Most individuals lose wages and other income while recovering from hip replacement surgery. Following a revision surgery, the time spent in recovery (and potentially out of employment) is even longer.
  • Pain and Suffering: Not only should individuals be compensated for the pain and suffering associated with a faulty hip implant, revision surgery and post-revision surgery recovery often lead to additional pain and suffering for the patient.
  • Loss of Quality of Life: The pain and suffering associated with life before and after surgery also determines how much compensation an individual will receive for loss of quality of life. This loss is often greater for patients undergoing revision surgery.

Recovery from Hip Revision Surgery

Following revision surgery, patients are allowed only very limited movement. While therapists provide patients with exercises to improve recovery time, the range of movement following a revision surgery is often more limited than it is following a first-time hip replacement surgery. This is because many individuals with faulty hip implants have to contend with scarred tissue and bone degeneration caused by the original hip implant.

Filing Your Revision Surgery Claim

Ward Black Law is currently reviewing potential product liability claims of anyone implanted with a Zimmer® M/L Taper Prosthesis with Kinectiv® Technology. If you are experiencing serious side effects and have questions about your rights, an experienced hip implant failure attorney at Ward Black Law can help. With a free, confidential consultation, our attorneys will answer your questions and help you take the next step.

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