Ward Black Law is currently investigating claims related to Zimmer® Kinectiv® hip replacement complications and device failure. If you have been implanted with the Zimmer® M/L Taper Prosthesis with Kinectiv® Technology and have suffered severe injury, you may be eligible for compensation. Contact Ward Black Law today to discuss your potential hip implant claim.

The Zimmer® M/L Taper Prosthesis with Kinectiv® Technology has reportedly caused grave side effects in hundreds of individuals implanted with the device. Although instances of severe side effects and revision surgery are just now beginning to be reported, Ward Black Law expects to see the volume of these claims continue to increase.

Zimmer® Kinectiv® Hip Complications

While the Zimmer® M/L Taper Hip Prosthesis with Kinectiv® Technology was meant to be a revolutionary breakthrough in the field of orthopedics, problems have recently begun to arise with components of this hip replacement. A host of health issues have been reported, including the following:


Metallosis, or metal poisoning, occurs when cobalt and chromium debris from the implant is released into the body and bloodstream, putting patients at risk for tissue inflammation, bone loss, tissue necrosis (death) and the formation of pseudo-tumors. High levels of metal ions in the blood may even lead to cancer.

Loosening/Dislocation of the Implant

Bone degeneration can occur when the body attempts to rid itself of the metal fragments entering the bloodstream. Bone loss is a progressive condition and may lead to loosening of the implant, which can cause painful bone fractures. One of the most severe Zimmer® hip complications, implant dislocation results in severe pain and may require emergency medical care.

Bone Fractures

Zimmer® Kinectiv® hip patients may experience wear or corrosion of the metal-on-metal components of the hip implant. These individuals are at risk, or may suffer from bone fractures.

Revision Surgery

Many Zimmer® hip replacement complications require revision surgery to replace faulty implants. Revision surgeries are costly, painful and pose greater risk of infection and further negative side effects in patients.

Know Your Rights

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