The anti-clotting drug Pradaxa may cause grave side-effects, including severe or lethal internal bleeding in hundreds of patients world-wide. Pradaxa is a direct thrombin inhibitor and thins the blood by targeting its enzymes and inhibiting platelet function. In some cases, this may cause moderate to significant internal bleeding, which is extremely dangerous. The blood can compress internal tissues and organs, causing their dysfunction or blood loss may incite hemorrhagic shock, which can lead to brain damage or death. If you or a loved one has experienced severe hemorrhaging/internal bleeding from Pradaxa, contact a Pradaxa lawyer from Ward Black Law through our email form or call 800-531-9191. Our experienced and competent team members can answer your questions and review your case.  

If you are suffering from internal bleeding, symptoms may be gradual or sudden and will vary depending upon the area of the bleed. For instance, vomiting blood may be a symptom of gastrointestinal bleeding, while headaches, shock, or unconsciousness can be symptomatic of  bleeding in the brain. FDA reports indicate that internal bleeding from Pradaxa may include hemorrhaging of the kidneys, brain, and gastrointestinal organs.

Elderly patients are most at risk for fatal internal bleeding from Pradaxa, especially those with impaired kidney function. In 2011, Japan’s health ministry reported that between March 14 and August 11, 81 elderly Pradaxa patients presented with significant bleeding/hemorrhaging and five cases resulted in death. Soon after, another five elderly Pradaxa patients in New Zealand died. Some physicians have rejected the standard Pradaxa dosage and recommended adjustments for patients 75 and older.

If you have endured internal bleeding from Pradaxa, act now! Contact Ward Black Law, where a reliable attorney can answer your questions, review your case, and begin the process if you are entitled to compensation for damages. We are here for you.